When he fiddled with his hair

All I could manage to dare

Was just to stare

I still remember the day

When our hands accidentally made their way

I don’t know about you

But yes, that’s true

I wanted that moment to seize

For you and me to freeze

Suddenly the sun showed bright

Maybe as a symbol, for us to unite

Thinking about you, I spent the whole night

Seeing you again the next morning was my hope of light

Initially little did I know about that gush

But soon, could name that mad adrenaline rush

Which was nothing but my first crush

But it is not just me

It is you too, my to be

Quite oftenly have I caught you red handed

Pretending as if you were just randomly standing

Staring at me

Right through the corner of your ‘e’ 👀

Maybe just for a simple glee

Coz somewhere you also want us to be we

He is the heart stealer of my life

And till date he is the one

Who has deep black glittering eyes and a smile which I find too bright

Yeah! You are right

That was my first crush

Remembering whom I still blush.

– Komal Ater

गुरु 👨🏻‍🏫

किताबों के अक्षरों से,

जिसने कुछ अधिक है सिखाया,

अज्ञानता की भूमि से उठाकर,

जिसने ज्ञान के बाग मे है बिठाया,

शंकाओं के अंधकार को मिटाकर,

जिसने समाधानों का दीप है जलाया,

सदगुणों को निखारकर,

जिसने अवगुणों को है मिटाया,

मेरी हर गलती को,

जिसने नादानी समझकर है भुलाया,

पथ- पथ पर,

जिसने परछाई सा साथ है निभाया,

कभी डाँट कर, कभी प्यार कर,

जिसने सदैव सच्चाई का हाथ है थमाया,

प्रेम तथा विनम्रता की ताकत से,

जिसने अवगत है करवाया,

हृदय मे आत्मविश्वास भरकर,

जिसने सदा सफलता का मार्ग है दिखाया,

अबोधता के ढेर से मुझे,

जिसने संस्कारों की मूरत है बनाया,

सदाबहार फूल सा बनकर,

जिसने समग्र विश्व को है महकाया,

अस्तित्व के आगे जिसके,

सभी शिष्यों ने आदरपूर्वक शीश है झुकाया,

उस गुरु को शत शत नमन।

कोमल अतर

मैंने यह कविता अपने प्रिये अध्यापक श्रीमान गोविंद झा के प्रति अपनी कृतज्ञता तथा स्नेह व्यक्त करने के लिए लिखी है।माता पिता तथा अध्यपकों का ऋण तो कोई कभी चुका ही नही सकता,परंतु उन्हें उचित सम्मान तथा प्रेम देकर, उन्हे अतुल्य होने का आभास अवश्य करवा सकता है।यह भी अपने गुरु को प्रसन्न करने का एक छोटा सा प्रयास है। आशा करती हूँ की इसे पढ़कर उनके मुख पर हास्य रेखाएं अवश्य निर्मित होंगीं।

Periods 🔴–break the taboo

The day I have made a sketch on domestic violence👊😡👊, I got to know that i get immense satisfaction and happiness after making sketches on social 👥 issues. So today I have picked 👌 up another social issue i.e. periods.

First of all i would briefly explain what period means?.

A period happens because of changes in hormones(estrogen and progesterone)in the body of females. The hormones cause the lining of the uterus (or womb) to build up. The built up lining is ready👌for a fertilized egg🍳 to attach to and start developing👉☝.Periods prepare the female body for pregnancy every month.If there is no 🚫 fertilized egg, the lining breaks 💔 down ⬇ and blood 💉 releases from a girl’s 👭 uterus out 📤 through👉🙌👈 her 👧 vagina. And this process of 3-6 days occurs every month🈷.

And to control the blood girls/women use stuff like sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups(in their underclothes).

During periods a girl goes through immense pain in legs, back and lower abdomen. Bloating and cramps in stomach are also common problem of periods. Irritation and mood swings are the worst part of them.

As if all this wasn’t enough for us, here 📍 comes the age old superstitions in the picture📷.

1.Women 🚺 cannot ✋⛔🚫 water 💧plants 🌱 or cook 👨‍🍳 during her period because their “uncleanliness” will spoil the food.

2.Women are believed to be “unclean” while menstruating and are thus not allowed to enter “clean” and holy places like temples⛩.

3. In Afghanistan, the word “gazag” means to become infertile. It is said that during the week a girl has her period🔴 she cannot wash or shower🚿🛁 or she will gazag. …. All this is gross. 😷 Isn’t it?

The bottom line is period taboos are not ❌ only crazy and ridiculous but they are a huge obstacle holding women back in many ways.

It’s hard 😢 to believe these myths still exist all over the world today. But they do, and need to be busted.

From women, man is born;

Within woman, man is conceived ;

To women he is engaged and married.

Women becomes his friend;

Through women the future generations come.

When his women dies, he seeks another women;

to women he is bound.

So why ❓call her bad😧?

From her, kings 👑 are born .

From woman,woman is born;without woman there would be no one at all.

—Guru 👳Nanak Dev Ji

Being born and brought up in a open minded sikh family , I feel that there is no need to sell sanitary pads in those special black polythene or for a girl to be ashamed of for asking a pad or to talk about it in hush hush voices .

I personally feel that even boys/men should be made aware of PERIODS and should be told to respect girls even more and to empathize with their suffering.

Together we can create a world🌏 which thinks 💭 that periods are powerful and not shameful.

The coolest 😎 teacher ever… 👨🏻‍🏫

In the previous blog I told you all that there are two persons who had a great impact on my mind🌸 and soul⭐. One was about whom I had written in the previous blog and the other is, about whom I am going to write in this blog.

His glittering face 😄 every morning🌄🙋 with his fingers👆 always running through his 👦 hair is one of the sweetest and funniest memories of my school.🏫. I had spent almost two years with him. But in such a short period he made a space in my heart❤ for himself (Which people are not able to do in my case….. In such less time). He is an extraordinary teacher who taught us beyond his subject and beyond the shackles of syllabus. Learning with him was so fun 😋 that I often forgot that we were actually studying📚✏ at that point of time. He made everything so easy and fun…“Isme kuch hai kyaa? ”was his question before starting any topic. He gave me wings and courage to think out of the box.

A great teacher lets you see👀 the unseen and hear the unheard.

For me he is that teacher.

To him I would like to dedicate the following song 🎶

I still remember that in his period we all laughed 😊 more and studied less. “Ab awaaz aa gyi toh duster phaink ke marunga ”, “Pankhe se ulta taang dunga”,“galla kaat dunga”,“mukka maar ke saare daant tod dunga”,“dimaag toh hai hi nahi”, “Padhna toh hota hi nahi hai ”, “Shor nahi karenge bache”,were his favorite dailogues.And duster was his choice of weapon 🔫. I still think that he can teach without marker and book 📚 but can’t without the duster 😆😂. But everything he said and did was with a charming smile on his face.In these two years I never saw even a pinch of anger or frustration on his face. That was the level of his calm and composure. I can never forget the love ❤😘 and care he always had for me.

He has a fire 🔥 his soul and grace in his heart 💜❤.

Once I got very angry 😠 from him, actually not only him but from all my teachers. The moment he came to know about the whole incident ,he in no time contacted me and clarified everything .He assured me that I was as important for all of them as anyone else was. And there was nothing of that sort. That day ☀ he made me feel important, he made me feel worth and above all he made SPECIAL.

One pure moment holds the power to create infinite love —–Angie crosby

That was the day when my respect and love for him knew no bounds. “komal ka bhi importance equal hi hai, esa kisne kaha”…. I still recall these words of his whenever my confidence level goes down. Recalling the faith he always had in my abilities gives me immense strength to fight all odds and to try once again with all my energy ⚡.

I don’t know whether I was his favorite student or not ?.. But he was,is and will always be my favorite😍💕 teacher .

My soul thinks that your soul is pure magic✨🎩✨.

Being a 17 year old, if I could become just 50% of what he is now,(in the next 10 years) then I would be the happiest person on this earth.🌎

A normal teacher only teaches you,

The good teacher makes you understand,

If he is great -then he’ll show you how to apply ,

But some teachers INSPIRE us.

And you are an inspiration for me 😇🥰.

I hope that he will remember me even after I leave the school…. I know it is very difficult to remember each and every child as every year around 250 students pass out… But still I wish to be remembered by him .And hope that every time he will remember me…. He again would have that million dollar smile on his face 😁.

To express my love ❤😘 and gratitude I have made a few drawings to depict our two year long beautiful relationship for …..Hope he will like it….. Loads of love ❤😘 and respect….. Komal Ater

Someone really special😇

I generally take a very long time to talk with new people 👨‍🦰👩‍🦰, to make new friends👧👦 and to adjust in new surroundings…….I don’t know why…….people say that I am an introvert ……I guess that’s true. From very long I wanted to say this to her but u know expressing feelings is another difficult task for me so I thought of writing it down ….. and then I can convey my feelings to her very easily .

I am talking about my mathematics teacher👩🏻‍🏫. She is one of those two persons [for the other one I will write a separate blog ] who had a great impact on my mind😇 and soul. Other children found her a bit strict but to me she is the sweetest😘 teacher I have ever met. Her beautiful face with a ear to ear charming smile😃 is one of the beautiful memories of my school. I spent nearly two years with her. But in such a short time she made a space in my heart 💌for her[ which people are not able to do in my case in such a short period] . But she was different .She wasn’t like others . SHE IS ONE OF HER KIND. Unlike others she also taught us out of the books. She focused more on realistic knowledge than what was written in books. Her AMAZING sense of humour quite oftenly ended up all of us in peels of laughter.

I can never forget the love and care she had for me. I can never forget those moments when her arm went around my waist to calm me down, whenever I cried. She never required words to know what I was going through or if I was in trouble anytime ……a quick glance at my face 🧐 was always enough to know everything [which others weren’t able to] .

Though she isn’t my biological mother 👩but she didn’t made me feel such at any point of time. Around her I never felt that i was away from my mother.👩‍🦰 Maybe all these two years I wasn’t like, what an ideal student should be …but she was always the ideal teacher👩🏻‍🏫 for me. I will never forget all she has done for me and to express my gratitude I have made some sketches for her to depict our two year long beautiful relationship👩‍👧. HOPING she will like it and remember me after I leave the school…loads of love😙🥰😍…..KOMAL ATER